National Aquatic Invasive Species Database

As a result of Federal funding cut backs, the National Aquatic Nuisance Species Clearinghouse has closed.

The AIS Database developed by the National Clearinghouse is now part of the New York Invasive Species Clearinghouse and will remain on-line and searchable. Unless new funding is obtained, however, no new publications will be added to the database at this time.

Interlibrary loan orders can no longer be filled by the Clearinghouse.

-Chuck O’Neill, Director

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DPIC008 Dreissena bibliography
Author: Limanova NA
Journal: Shtegman BK, ed, Biology and Control of Dreissena:A Collection of Papers (pp 71-145). Moskow:Institute of the Biology of Inland Waters. (Washin
1964, English, Bibliography , 75 Pages
DP0102 Zebra mussels in commercial vessels on inland waterways
Author: Allen Y
Journal: Louisiana Sea Grant Fact Sheet, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LA
1998, English, Fact Sheet , 2 Pages
PP0051 Sea Grant Zebra mussel report: An update of research and outreach.
Author: Anonymous
Journal: Ohio Sea Grant College Program.
1995, English, Report , 64 Pages
EX0458 Exotic, invasive species in Illinois.
Author: Wiedenmann RN, Post SL, Helm CG.
Journal: A Publication of the Illinois Natural History Survey.
2003, English, Fact Sheet , 12 Pages
EX0444 The Great Lakes invasion.
Author: Great Lakes Invasion
Journal: Sea Grant Great Lakes Network. 14pp.
2004, English, Educational material, K-12 , 14 Pages
EX0157 ANS - An update on Sea Grant Research and Outreach Projects 2000.
Author: Anonymous
Journal: Ohio Sea Grant Report No. OHSU-TB-046
2000, English, Research Review , 240 Pages
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